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Steam Turbines

Our steam turbines are suitable for the full spectrum of customer requirements.

Combined Cycle Applications

We provide steam turbines for a wide range of combined cycle and steam-tail applications.

District Heating

We have a strong heritage of providing steam turbines for district heating.

Supercritical Parameters

We design turbines suitable for modern coal power plants with stringent emission limits. Using supercritical parameters our units produce steam at temperatures of 600°C to 620°C.

Nuclear Power Plants

Saturated steam turbines for nuclear power plants have been part of our product range for more than 40 years. We have manufactured and commissioned dozens of these units,-mostly for PWR power plants.

Subcritical Parameters

Our use of new flow-calculation methods and turbine blade options has increased the thermodynamic efficiency of turbines used for subcritical conditions.

Extraction Steam Turbines

Extraction condensing and back-pressure turbines have a wide range of uses in various industrial fields, such as sea-water desalination plants.

Steam Turbines for Municipal Waste and Biomass Incineration Plants

Steam turbines in incineration plants use steam produced through heat generated from burning waste. These energy sources typically have very variable heat-generation profiles.

Geothermal Power Plants

We offer a comprehensive solution for geothermal power plants – from the delivery of a steam turbine through a complete machine hall to the upgrade of the existing equipment, including the supply of spare parts.

Reference Projects

Find out more about our latest projects.

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