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Geothermal Power Plants

We offer a comprehensive solution for geothermal power plants – from the delivery of a steam turbine through a complete machine hall to the upgrade of the existing equipment, including the supply of spare parts.

Geotermální elektrárny

Doosan Škoda Power offers steam turbines for geothermal power plants as part of its product portfolio.

Geothermal power plants are characterized operate on low steam parameters coming from underground wells (wet or saturated steam). The steam is unique in its chemical composition containing dissolved gases, various dissolved salts or mechanical impurities. Turbines for these application feature the necessary resistance to this aggressive medium, which is ensured by the appropriate choice of materials used, various surface treatments (spraying or surfacing) of exposed components, or proprietary design.

The Doosan Škoda Power turbine is designed for use in the flash system setup, which uses steam coming directly from the borehole. Solid particles are partially removed in the separator before entering the turbine and the content of unwanted chemical compounds and aggressive substances with negative effect on the service life of the machine is reduced.

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