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Leading the way in next-generation technology, we are proud to be part of the Global Research Center for steam turbines within the Doosan group.

Our research and development programme, supported by increased funding every year, guarantees continuous improvement and future innovations. We operate two cutting-edge research centres that feature experimental labs at Pilsner, Czech Republic, and Changwon, Korea.

Core R&D activities at Doosan Škoda Power

  • Enhancing blade efficiency
  • Standardising turbine components
  • Developing new types of materials and welding
  • Researching and developing heat-exchange technology
  • Improving heat cycle of the steam turbine machine room

Driving efficient flow with improved turbine blade design

With effective turbine operation a priority, we work tirelessly to increase turbine blade size and efficiency, most recently developing our latest 1,375mm model blade. Our focus on last-stage blades goes beyond size to extending our entire end-stage portfolio. Since partnering with Doosan, we’ve forged ahead from turbines for networks with 50 Hz frequency to 60 Hz turbines, to which we have tailored our last-stage blades measuring 40 in and 50 in.

Market-leading turbine expertise, components and materials

With a focus on the design, development and standardisation of new components, such as outcome parts, valve types and cogs and bearings, we are able to be ever more competitive in the small industrial turbine market.

In addition to component innovation, we research new types of materials and welding, especially in the development and testing of welding materials for turbine rotors. We also continue to build on our expertise in heat exchange technology, where we lead the field in improving the heat cycle efficiency of the steam turbine machine room.

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The motto and goal of all our activities are better products and services for our customers.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Doosan’s Our Strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People. 2G is a virtuous circle where people drive the business growth, which in turn provides our people the opportunity for advancement. Doosan believes that sustained success can only come through people.

Global Network

Global Network

Find out how Doosan Škoda Power is creating innovation and changes around the world.

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