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Repair and Replacement of Spare Parts

Doosan Škoda Power is an experienced company that can provide customers with complete maintenance, repair and overhauls of OEM and Non-OEM steam turbines and also with spare parts manufactured using our own documentation or documentation that is a product of reverse engineering.

Repair of OEM and Non-OEM turbine parts

Onsite and shop repairs are performed based on minor, intermediate and general inspections. These regular repairs help our clients to avoid any breakdowns and keep the turbines in safe operation.

Minor inspection

  • Diagnostics and adjustments of the control system as necessary
  • Complete functional check of the protection system of the turbine
  • Check of the linearity of control valves
  • Endoscope inspection where possible
  • Overall visual check of the turbogenerator
  • Diagnostic measuring during the operation
  • Maintenance which is impossible to execute on a running machine
  • Repair of imperfections which may have been found during operation

Intermediate inspection (other than what is included in the Minor inspection)

  • Decoupling for rotors alignment check
  • Bearings inspection – visual, PT and UT
  • Check of vibration monitoring, endoscope inspection
  • Adjustment of lube oil and the hydraulic control oil system
  • Diagnostic measuring on the generator

General inspection (other than what is included in the Intermediate inspection)

  • Opening the turbine casings
  • Check of radial and axial tolerances
  • Cleaning and repair of the turbine steam flow path
  • Cleaning and flushing of lubrication oil & hydraulic oil systems
  • Cleaning of the condenser & heaters
  • Re-setting of clearances and the mechanical items within the control system
  • Execution of maintenance tasks that take longer than one week
  • Check of the exciter and generator
  • During a General Inspection all the equipment and accessories should be opened to allow for an inspection of the internals, NDT inspection (where necessary) and large-scale diagnostic measurements

Shop Repairs & Services

  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Straightening
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • High-speed balancing

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