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On-Site Machining

Doosan Škoda Power has been using On-Site Machining technology during overhauls, modernization and retrofits when machining large turbine components directly in power plants successfully for several years now.

Boring machine BB 8100

The boring machine is a portable and modular machine designed for lathing inner surfaces. This machine has been modified to specialize in the machining of turbine casings. The device is mostly used for the servicing and upgrading of turbines, but it can also be applied in a wide range of other sectors within the industry. This machine can be configured as both CNC and manual operation.

The model BB 8100 is a Portable Boring Bar designed mainly for on-site boring without the costly disassembly of the ‘workpiece’, such as the turbine casing. Even this machine is the largest one in our machine fleet, we are able to disassemble it to its main parts, package in specialized boxes and transport almost anywhere in the world.

This machine has been upgraded to a CNC operation to speeding up the machining process. Another advantage of this is the ability to machine almost all shapes that may be required, such as special radiuses and angles.

Technical parameters:

Operation: Manual
Boring diameter: 580 – 3 000 mm
Boring length: 5 500 mm
Power: Hydraulic

The machine in the manual operation mode

Technical parameters:

Operation: CNC
Boring diameter: 640 – 3 350 mm
Boring length: 4 900 mm
Power: Electric

The machine in the CNC operation mode

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