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Retrofits and Modernization Solutions

Doosan Škoda Power is a leading supplier of advanced systems, components and services in the fields of design and power generation. Our service expertise includes retrofits and modernization (R&M) of existing installed equipment, commissioning and long-term service, including a supply of spare parts.

Alongside the production of our own turbines, Doosan Škoda Power's R&M Department specializes in turbine retrofits and upgrades of the products manufactured by all global producers. The services we provide for our customers worldwide are individually tailor-made.

Turbine and Generator

Doosan Škoda Power is held in high regard for technology advancements, which improve the turbine’s performance and efficiency by decreasing the heat rate and extending the service life of the steam turbine. The company also provides other services, such as precision diagnostics and Residual Life Assessment, using state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Deregulation, competitive markets, new emission regulations and an increased demand for power go hand in hand with an aging generation fleet and rising fuel prices, which is the cause of turbulent changes on global energy markets. All these factors create the need for a flexible strategy for future growth. Optimization of operation characteristics, extension of the power plant’s service life, an increased output at lower operating costs or a reduction of harmful emissions – these are the main reasons why turbine retrofits are the focus of our attention. Due to a high demand for a rise in electricity generation, plant operators are looking for ways to cost-effectively improve the efficiency and operation of existing facilities.

The application of new solutions ranges anywhere from necessary replacement of existing labyrinth seals with new ones that have advanced sealing properties, through to the retrofitting of steam paths, to complete replacement of the turbine while using the existing foundation. An example of a steam turbine retrofit could be a new flow path with improved properties, which is accommodated and fitted onto the pre-existing structure. The goal is to reuse as many of the existing turbine components as possible.

The timetable for scheduling power plant rehabilitation is roughly after 25 years of being in operation, (i.e. 200 000 operation hours), hence the average lifespan of the most loaded equipment is limited by 30 years. The scope of R&M depends on the present condition of the plant. Modern technology and innovation will ensure extending the period between overhauls up to 8 years.

All R&M solutions provide a short investment payback period. In most cases, the return of investment is from three to five years.


  • Thermodynamic efficiency improvement
  • Lifetime extension
  • Availability and reliability improvement
  • Operating and maintenance costs reduction

Applications for plants

  • Fossil
  • Combined cycle
  • Renewables: Biomass, WtE, Solar
  • Nuclear power


  • Over 8 GW in last 10 years in R&M worldwide experience
  • Over 13 GW in last 10 years in new projects

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