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Machining Centres

If you are interested in our production possibilities, please feel free to contact us by e-mail [email protected].

Gantry-type machining centre Waldrich Coburg

Portálové obráběcí centrum Waldrich Coburg

Worktable dimension: 4,800 x 4,500 x 17,000 mm
Width between stands: 4,850 mm

Machining centre GEORG Ultraturn 3500 MC

Obráběcí centrum GEORG Ultraturn 3500 MC

Max. shaft diameter: 2,200 mm
Max. length: 12,000 mm

Machining centre FUQ 150-VR/8

Machining centre FUQ 150-VR/8

Rotary table: 2,000 x 2,500 mm (2x)

Machining centre Mazak FH 10800

Obráběcí centrum Mazak FH 10800

Max. machining diameter: 2,000 mm
Max. height of a workpiece: 1,600 mm

Machining centre Deckel Maho DNC 160

Obráběcí centrum Deckel Maho DNC 160

Dimension of a pallet: 1,250 x 1,000 mm

Machining centre Mori Seiki

Obráběcí centra Mori Seiki

Max. machining diameter: 400 mm
Max. length of a workpiece: 2,000 mm

Machining centres G-Mill 550

Obráběcí centra G-Mill 550

Max. length of a workpiece: 550 mm

Machining centres Mazak Variaxis 730-5X II

Obráběcí centra Mazak Variaxis 730-5X II

Dimension of a pallet: 500 x 500 mm

Machining centres Turbomill 2000, 1400

Obráběcí centra Turbomill 2000, 1400

Max. length of a workpiece: 2,000 mm

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