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Retrofits and Modernization Solutions

Doosan Škoda Power is a leading supplier of advanced systems, components and services in the fields of design and power generation. Our service expertise includes retrofits and modernization (R&M) of existing installed equipment, commissioning and long-term service, including a supply of spare parts.

Alongside the production of our own turbines, Doosan Škoda Power's R&M Department specializes in turbine retrofits and upgrades of the products manufactured by all global producers. The services we provide for our customers worldwide are individually tailor-made.

Machine Hall

Not only does Doosan Škoda Power specialize in steam turbines, but we also manage the turbine’s auxiliary systems. These systems affect the turbine’s Heat Rate, therefore it is reasonable to evaluate its current condition and operability. It could be provided as part of the steam turbine upgrade, or alternatively it could be provided solely in order to improve the existing BOP.

The performance and availability of steam turbines is partially defined by the Auxiliary systems, and we are normally able to supply them. That’s why we have specialized departments within Doosan Škoda Power that secure the engineering capability for the entire machine hall.

Turbine auxiliary systems:

  • Generator
  • HP/LP heaters
  • Condenser
  • Boiler feed water pump
  • Oil system
  • Pipelines
  • Turbine foundation

Doosan Škoda Power can provide the following services related to the existing turbine auxiliary systems:

  • Examination of the current condition
  • Engineering, thermal calculation, new equipment specification
  • Execution of the proposed solution

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