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Long Term Service Agreement

Doosan Škoda Power has an installed base of more than 60 000 MW worldwide. Our product portfolio covers turbines with an output in the range from 5 MW to 1200 MW, and since 1946 we have installed more than 2.200 machines.

The installed turbines consistently demonstrate high reliability, often under difficult circumstances. Doosan Škoda Power is dedicated to their customers and would like to be their partner for the entire service life of the turbogenerator. We therefore offer various service products tailored to the specific customer needs and local requirements. One of the most important service activities is Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA).

Maintaining the high reliability rate of the used equipment is the main goal of every manufacturer.

Using the equipment without any maintenance support from a service contractor, who would have the necessary skillset, increases the risk of breakdowns, and causes any subsequent repairs to take longer to do and cost more.

Therefore, the prevention and elimination of breakdowns, as well as a desired increase in the equipment’s reliability and availability remain the main driving force behind a plant operator/owner’s well-working Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA).

A solid LTSA contract motivates the plant operator/owner, as well as the Supplier of services, to pursue the shared goals (a long-term high availability level guarantee) and the shared ways how to achieve such goals (systematic monitoring, equipment supervision, correct timing of regular maintenance inspections, reduction in the time needed for unplanned repairs).

Maintenance represents only a very small portion of all operating costs of the plant, whilst the impact of maintenance quality on the overall economy of the plant is enormous.

LTSA covers mainly:

  • Long lasting and close connection with the customer based on win-win strategy
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Availability guarantee
  • Planned maintenance programme
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Hotline 24/7 emergency technical support
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Solutions to emergency situations
  • Technical advice, support and consultations
  • Spare parts in stock management
  • Emergency spare parts management

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