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Repair and Replacement of Spare Parts

Doosan Škoda Power is an experienced company that can provide customers with complete maintenance, repair and overhauls of OEM and Non-OEM steam turbines and also with spare parts manufactured using our own documentation or documentation that is a product of reverse engineering.

Manufacturing of OEM and Non-OEM Spare Parts

Doosan Škoda Power provides its customers with OEM turbine spare parts, manufactured as per their own technical documentation. Non-OEM turbine spare parts are manufactured using Reverse Engineering.

Doosan Škoda Power has its own workshop equipped with the latest CNC machines that can make any steam turbine part – from the smallest pin to massive LP casings.

OEM Spare Parts

  • Manufacturing of all types of spare parts as per own documentation
  • The parts are made with the latest machines using up-to-date types of machining

Non-OEM Spare Parts

  • Manufacturing of spare parts using reverse engineering technology
  • We can implement our design and our know-how into other manufacturer’s turbine designs, which then results to improving the turbine properties

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