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Lathe SIU 500 NC

Soustruh SIU500 NC

Max. shaft diameter: 5,050 mm
Max. length: 11,800 mm

Lathe SIU 315 NC

Soustruh SIU 315 NC

Max. shaft diameter: 3,150 mm
Max. length: 14,800 mm

Lathe SR 2000 NC

Soustruh SR 2000 NC

Max. shaft diameter: 2,000 mm
Max. length: 8,000 mm

Lathe SUA 125 NC

Soustruh SUA 125 NC

Max. shaft diameter: 1,250 mm
Max. length: 6,500 mm

Vertical lathe SK 50 NC

Svislý soustruh SK 50 NC

Max. machining diameter: 5,200 mm
Max. height of a workpiece: 3,500 mm

Vertical lathe KU 65 NC

Svislý soustruh KU65 NC

Max. machining diameter: 8,000 mm
Max. height of a workpiece: 5,000 mm

Vertical lathe SKIQ 20 NC

Svislý soustruh SKIQ20 NC

Max. machining diameter: 2,100 mm
Max. height of a workpiece: 1,260 mm

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