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Our low pressure and high pressure heaters can be used in cycles with a broad power range.


Feed water heaters are used for heating up main condensate and feed water. This helps to increase the overall plant thermal cycle efficiency. Design of the feed water heaters are based on thermodynamic calculations, using custom made software, and internationally recognized design standards.

Design according to EN standards, ASME code, AD Merkblatt, HEI Standard, TEMA Standard

Heater layout

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Water chamber upwards
  • Water chamber downwards

Internal surfaces arrangement

  • De-superheating zone
  • Concurrent flow
  • Countercurrent flow
  • Concurrent and countercurrent flow
  • Drain sub-cooling zone
  • Full flow pass or partial flow pass for horizontal heaters
  • Flooded or non-flooded for vertical heaters
  • Condensing zone

Standard design of heat exchangers

  • U-tubes

LP heaters

  • Longitudinally welded stainless steel
  • Tube to tubesheet joint – expanded only

HP heaters

  • Low alloy steel seamless tubes
  • Tube to tubesheet joint – expanded and welded

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Our Belief

Our Belief

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Our fully integrated management system underlines a company-wide goal of continuous improvement and quality standards.

Global Network

Global Network

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