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Engineering and Technical advisory

Doosan Škoda Power offers complex engineering solutions to maximize the efficiency of turbomachinery equipment and extend its operational lifetime. High-end tools and more than 100 years of experience allow us to deliver high quality services and meet your needs.

Remote Monitoring System

The main purpose and goal of Remote Monitoring is to obtain online TG (turbogenerator) operational data for further processing, analyzing and completion. We offer Real Time Monitoring of the equipment as requested by the customer. This includes the entire turbine and the BOP (Balance of Plant), such as generators, gearboxes, HPH, IOS, control & protection systems, I&C).

Benefits to the Customer:

  • RMS (Remote Monitoring System) eliminates any costs that may occur before or during unexpected events (e.g. failure, operation limitation, trip and breakdown crash)
  • RMS – may be used as a supporting instrument by the customer’s associates where Doosan Škoda Power are responsible for the equipment’s ‘Availability’ (‘Reliability’) as rooted in the contracts with the customers. In such cases, we are co-responsible for Availability (Reliability) around the world
  • Experience in cost reductions during planned downtimes. We can give advice on maintenance, repairs, overhauls and inspection timetables
  • Our team of experienced engineers is available 24/7 via the HOTLINE Service

RMS Services:

Maintenance support:

  • ‘Proactive Maintenance’ support (reduced ‘Maintenance Costs’ ); Solutions to operational problems
  • Periodical and occasional reports – using either standard report templates and/or tailored to the customer‘s wishes

Operational analysis:

  • TG operational analysis
  • Advanced analysis – e.g. by app. of special SW add-ons
  • Expert services, knowledge-based system

Operational troubleshooting :

  • TG commissioning phase support (e.g. TG start-up) 
  • Customer support in non-standard situations (e.g. situations absent from the manuals, in any operational procedure)

Hot-line 24/7 :

  • Online customer support
  • Ongoing customer service – ‘Request/Response’ reaction time reduction (increased ‘Performance’ and reduced ‘Variable Cost’)
  • Fast connection with operators in different locations in the world in order to solve any non-standard/unexpected/dangerous situations
  • Preparation and speedy set-up of an intervention at the customer’s location, as requested by the customer
  • Reduced time to reach a resolution and reduced travel expenses thanks to the remote response

Condition monitoring :

  • Identifies potential problems before they escalate (early detection; pre-EWS)
  • Predicts times of occurrence of unexpected events (failure/trip/breakdown) – a warning of a potential failure is given earlier in advance
  • Avoids dangerous situations
  • Allows time for the customer to make changes during a planned shutdown
  • Limits the unnecessary downtime, which saves costs

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