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Following the recommended maintenance plan for turbines extends service life and significantly improves reliability and efficiency. The scope of planned repairs depends on the operating hours of a turbine. Modernisation increases performance and reliability of stream turbines – and speeds up return on investment.


Beside the feed water heaters and condensers Doosan Škoda Power can also design accessories that are necessary for heater/condenser operation. Furthermore, we can design other heat exchangers, water-water type or steam-water type.

Design according to EN standards, ASME code, AD Merkblatt, HEI Standard, TEMA Standard

Main steam jet air ejectors (MSJAE), starting ejectors

  • Steam jet air ejectors are used for extraction of non-condensables out of condenser. They help maintain the vacuum inside the condenser.
  • Starting ejector is used to quickly evacuate the condenser and turbine at the start-up.

Water jet air ejectors (WJAE)

  • Water jet air ejectors are used for extraction of non-condensables out of the condenser. They help maintain the vacuum inside the condenser.

Vent steam condenser

  • Majority of last stage vent steam from gland sealings condense inside VSC. Rest of the steam-air mixture is lead out of VSC via fans.

Gland steam condenser

  • If back-pressure turbine is required and there is no other heater where gland steam could be taken, gland steam condenser is used.

Combined vent steam and gland steam condenser

  • For back-pressure turbines combined VSCGSC can fully replace the separate arrangement. Suction in VSC is created using steam jet air ejector, extracting the steam-air mixture out of VSC.

Flash tanks, feed water tanks and other tanks

  • Flash tanks are used for separating the liquid and steam phases after the pressure drop.
  • Tanks
  • Tanks without deaerator
  • Demi water reserve tank, condensate tank, etc.

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Our Belief

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

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Global Network

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