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Field and Site Service

Our field service teams are ready to operate at your site worldwide. Turbine engineers and experts can provide you with highly professional assistance, troubleshooting or any service you may need.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Doosan Škoda Power provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of steam turbine components. The componente are not damaged during this testing and if the test result correspond to the quality assurance requirements, can be immediately used for further operation.

Doosan Skoda Power perform:

  • RT – X-ray or gamma-ray radiography control
  • UT – ultrasonic wave control
  • MT – measuring of residual magnetism (control checks using the magnetic powder method)
  • PT – penetration (capillary) control checks
  • VT – visual check with a magnifying glass or endoscope
  • TOFD – ultrasonic wave method; defects can be displayed in the side view
  • Phased Array – ultrasonic wave method; defects can be displayed in the plan or the side view
  • ET – eddy current control
  • PMI – positive material identification (determination of the material without having to conduct laboratory tests)
  • Material hardness measuring – Measuring using the ultrasonic method
  • Digital radiography – The picture is not created using a conventional film; it is done using semiconductor sensors, which are scanned and digitally processed

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