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Engineering and Technical advisory

Doosan Škoda Power offers complex engineering solutions to maximize the efficiency of turbomachinery equipment and extend its operational lifetime. High-end tools and more than 100 years of experience allow us to deliver high quality services and meet your needs.

Relocation of Installed Turbomachinery Equipment

Doosan Škoda Power provides relocation services as requested by the customer. Relocation services include disassembling the machinery at the original location, transporting it to a new destination, re-assembling and commissioning. This is the best way of utilizing the remaining service life of the valuable equipment for a new purpose, when the original installation is no longer in use.

It is advisable to conduct a general overhaul while relocating the turbomachinery or upgrade critical parts that are crucial for ensuring a reliable operation in the future. Doosan Škoda Power can supply the necessary spare parts, optimize the design and, of course, provide engineering support.

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