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On-Site Machining

Doosan Škoda Power has been using On-Site Machining technology during overhauls, modernization and retrofits when machining large turbine components directly in power plants successfully for several years now.

Grinding machine EFCO VSA-1 / EFCO VSA-2 / SL-2

A high-speed grinding machine designed to machine flat and conical sealing faces on turbine main steam valves.

VSA machines are characterized by their high precision and the ability to achieve surface roughness of top quality. Both parameters are very important for a tight sealing of the surfaces. The machines are portable and are normally mounted on a valve flange; however, the device can be fitted even if there is no flange.

SL portable machines are used for grinding and lapping of sealing faces.

Technical parameters

Valve inner diameter: 80 – 500 mm
Flange outer surface: 80 – 900 mm
Flap diameter: 200 – 900 mm
Power: Pneumatic, Electric



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