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On-Site Machining

Doosan Škoda Power has been using On-Site Machining technology during overhauls, modernization and retrofits when machining large turbine components directly in power plants successfully for several years now.

Reaming machine UPN 30060, UPN 30080

The reaming machine is a special machine used for the reaming of rotor coupling holes. The machine is controlled by an NC system.

Our reaming machines have been developed for the reaming of coupling holes using cutting technology. The machine is controlled by an NC system to reduce time spent on machining. Doosan Škoda Power has two such machines. We are also experienced in simultaneously machining two couplings with both reaming machines. This can be an advantage as it reduces the length of outages at the power plant.

Technical parameters

Diameter D: 40 – 78 mm
Length of hole L max: 770 mm
Power: Electric

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