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Engineering and Technical advisory

Doosan Škoda Power offers complex engineering solutions to maximize the efficiency of turbomachinery equipment and extend its operational lifetime. High-end tools and more than 100 years of experience allow us to deliver high quality services and meet your needs.

Machine Hall Assessment

Doosan Škoda Power specialize in steam turbines, but we also deal with machine halls including assessment. The assessment includes mechanical and electrical parts, I&C and civil structures. This approach gives us a comprehensive overview of the current state of the machine hall. The goal of the provided services is to extend the service period and improve the reliability of the whole system with a minimal cost impact.


We provide complete services for assessing the current state of the turbine parts and all mechanical auxiliary parts. These services include a technical inspection of the pump, valves, oil system, filter, fan, pipes, etc.


We are able to investigate the current state of the generator and all its auxiliaries with visual, mechanical and electrical tests of those systems. Based on the history of operation and test results we can recommend and provide a replacement or refurbishment of used parts, which are at the end of their service life. We are also experienced in replacing generators as a whole, and offer ‘footprint’ solutions which do not require modification of the existing foundation. A similar scope of work can be provided for all switchboards, cables and electric motors, which are used as drivers for pumps, fans and all other auxiliary equipment.


Within I&C we are able to provide an assessment of the measurement status and the condition of the cabling. We can also propose a modification of the turbine hydraulic system.

Civil Engineering

We provide complete services within the assessment of the current state of the turbine’s foundation and steel structures. These services include, for example, a visual inspection, determination of mechanical and chemical properties of the concrete, non-destructive determination of the concrete’s strength, determination of the mechanical properties of steel, dynamic test of the foundation, dynamic and static calculation of foundation, etc.

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