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Engineering and Technical advisory

Doosan Škoda Power offers complex engineering solutions to maximize the efficiency of turbomachinery equipment and extend its operational lifetime. High-end tools and more than 100 years of experience allow us to deliver high quality services and meet your needs.

Guarantee measurement

Steam turbine performance measurement is amongst the many services delivered by Doosan Škoda Power. This can be performed as a standalone service, or together with overhaul or upgrade packages. Detailed and extensive measurements of steam pressure, temperature, mass flows, power output at various loads of the TG set conducted prior to an inspection allow us to obtain a reference point which describes the performance of the unit.

Values verified during a guarantee measurement:

  • Verification of the thermal efficiency
  • Verification of the specific heat consumption in the turbine equipment
  • Verification of the thermodynamic efficiency of the turbine
  • Verification of specific consumption steam
  • Verification of the maximum power of the turbine

Guarantee measurement execution:

  • Preparation of the instrumentation
  • Installation of the instrumentation in the power plant
  • Execution of the guarantee measurement

Other measurements:

  • Flow mass measurement using an ultrasonic device (water, oil)
  • Leakage identification using a helium detector
  • Individual power output measurement
  • Measurement uncertainty calculation
  • Pressure and temperature gauges calibration

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