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3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Since 2011, Reverse Engineering in Doosan Škoda Power has undergone an enormous development and was integrated into the standard methods used both in developmental and production processes, and primarily for Non-OEM retrofits and modernization project execution.

Do you want to reconstruct a small object in size or do you want to gather 3D geospatial data from a hall or a building? We are most qualified to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

Machine Hall As-Built

Laser scanning is a great help for retrieving missing documentation and data of existing buildings, machine halls and instrumentation. It can also serve during an as-built verification process. We have worked on projects worldwide and are capable to quickly reach any demanded destination.

In the field of power generation, Doosan Škoda Power provides the following services:

  • Existing machine hall scanning
  • As-built verification
  • Precise piping localization
  • Possible collisions detection
  • Geometrical inspection of the foundation

Process Engineering

Do you want to capture the arrangement of any building or instrumentation? We can do the ‘laser scanning’ for you. We put the scan stations in several spots of the scanned area and get a ‘point cloud’. Those point clouds are combined together by registration. The collected data help us create a new 3D model which is a basis for new instrumentation production and assembly.

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