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About Us

We combine extensive experience, professional skills and innovation with unrivalled technical know-how to deliver advanced steam turbines and related power equipment.


The motto and goal of all our activities are better products and services for our customers.


The company dates back to 1904, when Doosan Škoda Power’s antecedent produced the first 412 kW steam turbine. Since 1904 there has been a rapid expansion of the company’s turbine production, stimulated by growing worldwide demand for electricity.

Research and Development

Through ongoing research and development we constantly refine our products and drive world-class innovation.

Our Suppliers

You can download catalogs of Doosan Škoda Power’s General Purchase Terms and Conditions.


Doosan’s CI provides guidelines for each element of the Doosan Visual System including the logo. Through the CI, Doosan’s image as a company that enriches the lives of people all around the world is made apparent.

Doosan Škoda Power Logo

Our logo is at the heart of the Doosan Škoda Power trademark and today’s business. The aim is to create a clear and consistent perception of the company in the eyes of our customers, partners and the wider public.

Our Belief

The spirit that drives our people is the core of the Doosan Credo.


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