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You can download catalogs of Doosan Škoda Power’s General Purchase Terms and Conditions.

1. Purpose

  • The below specified rules represent a set of binding conditions that must be observed by the CONTRACTOR and all his sub-contractors within the entire supply chain as well as self-employed persons who are to perform work or provide service (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR) with respect to fulfilment of the subject of the work performed at internal workplaces of the Doosan Skoda Power s. r. o. Company (hereinafter referred to as DSPW) in Pilsen where relevant works and other contractual activities are performed as agreed between the CONTRACTOR and DSPW.

    These rules are binding for all employees and workers of the CONTRACTOR. Should any obligations and responsibilities between the CLIENT and the CONTRACTOR be specified in a special contract, then these contractual provisions shall be superior to the rules specified herein.
Conditions of HS FP and EP for suppliers providing service at the Plzen workplace

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