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Doosan Škoda Power voices

Martin Baxa

Josef Ryšavý

Sales Manager

Doosan Škoda Power wants to power growing Indonesia

A Czech turbine manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power has opened an office in Jakarta to better serve potential Indonesian customers. Regional representative for Indonesia, Mr. Josef Ryšavý, speaks about the challenges of a European company establishing a new business in Indonesia, the cultural differences and also his own personal experience in Southeast Asian business.

What does it mean the opening of the Doosan Škoda Power Office in Jakarta? And when did it happen?

Indonesia government introducedhigh minded plan for expansion of local Power Generationmarket by additional 35 GW till 2021. Perception of the situation makes us understand, that Indonesiarepresents a great potential for Steam Turbine industry.Our presence reflects acknowledgement of the situation and effort to successfully operateon this market.
Doosan Škoda Power extended Doosan Heavy Industryteam in Jakarta in October 2016.

What is Doosan Škoda Power’s position in Southeast Asia?

Doosan ŠkodaPower lacks a history in East Asia.Local customs are different to what we know in the West, which is more challenging in view of marketing and PR. Many of Indonesian customers have heard about the brand, but never entered into cooperation with us.
Doosan Škoda Power´s goal was to change it.
Wealready managed to get on Vendor list of the biggest potential customers in last couple of months and most of them already visited our manufacturing facility in Czech Republic.
Situation indicatesthat Doosan Škoda Power isattractive Steam Turbine provider and many of local opportunities are open to us.

The fact that you are part of the Doosan Group is therefore crucial for you?

Yes it is. Doosan Skoda Power operates successfully across West regions, however Asia market needs more of our attention to develop sound name of Doosan Skoda Power brand. Many of standalone companies have failed because of no connection to Asia businesses while engaged Asia market through western customs.
Being part of the Doosan Group helps us to understand the way of doing business in Asia, which adds to our high quality products extra customer value.

Which markets in thatregion are you planning to enter in the foreseeable future?
Where do you see more opportunities, in the private or in the public sector?

Opportunities come from both, however public sector represents a majority of the market and stimulates demands of the private sector.
Our plan is to enterto local New Built and Service markets. Bothmerge very well with Doosan Škoda Powerphilosophy and product line.

You are an European company. From your perspective, how does the business in Asia differ from business in Europe?

Biggest difference I feel, is indoing business itself. It´s done through personal relationship and trust which is something you can´t achieve through emails and phone calls.

What cultural differences are the hardest nuts for you to crack?

There are two cultural differences common to all cultures you can find in Indonesia except westerners.
Decisions are made within whole group not by individuals. Westerners need to get useto it, because time frame is quite different. And the second one is that People are commonly very polite and friendly even when dispute appears. Term “No” is rarely used, which needs some practice in behaviour interpretation.Both might sound as a minor issue, butcan become tricky when doing business.

What isDoosan Škoda Power’sadvantage over the relevant competitors on this market?

We have so manyadvantagesand customers can tell the difference, but let our competitors worry about the details.

You usually participate in tendering procedures as part of a consortium. Is the composition of the consortia changed for each particular market, or do you have partners with whom you work in multiple geographies?

Doosan Skoda Power does not participate as a Consortia Partner, because of many contractual agreements does not require OEM to participate in that way. However our Customers usually do create necessary consortia in order to create competitive SPC (Special Project Company) entity which always differs due to Project requirements and region of implication.

How can this opening of a local office affect tradeposition for Doosan Škoda Power in Southeast Asia do you expect to see in 10 to 15 years?

Business development takes time, especially in Asia. Local office helps to build necessary bridges between local customers,suppliers and Doosan Škoda Power main office. We expect positive trade response in couple of years and strong local Business capabilities in view of 10 to 15 years perspective.

How did you adapt to your new role and what do you perceive as the greatest challenge and vice versa as the greatest asset?

Role of Regional representative belongs to my biggest career challenges yet. Multicultural environment brings “situations” in every step I take, business or personal.
Greatest asset comes with team members from both localand main office. It helps me to communicate through all managerial or technical professions on both sites.

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