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  • Doosan Škoda Power

    We design and manufacture turbo-generator systems that deliver maximum efficiency, durability and reliability for the power generation industry.

    Doosan Škoda Power
  • Steam Turbines

    We offer a wide range of Steam Turbines suitable for all applications to suit your needs.

    Steam Turbines
  • Seamless Project Delivery

    Our people and processes work in harmony, creating seamless project delivery and a rewarding work experience.

    Seamless Project Delivery
  • Experienced Project Teams

    In-depth experience enables our project teams to understand, communicate and respond to customer needs.

    Experienced Project Teams
  • Our 2G Strategy

    The best way to grow our business is through growing our people.

    Our 2G Strategy
  1. Doosan Škoda Power

  2. Steam Turbines

  3. Seamless Project Delivery

  4. Experienced Project Teams

  5. Our 2G Strategy



  • Turbo Expo and Power & Energy 2017

    The ASME Turbo Expo 2017 Conference is held on 25th – 30th June in Charlotte, NC, USA. This is the largest Turbomachinery Conference in the world, with the number of participants being arou...

    | Doosan Škoda Power


Workshop – Energy Conversion in Turbomachinery 2017

| Doosan Škoda Power


| Doosan Škoda Power

The Turbomachinery 2016 conference

| Doosan Škoda Power



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